EXTRA COFFEE - CHILI TIME The coffee chili sause


This little special gem was born with the addition of coffee! A real gourmet treat, especially for someone who can't live without coffee and chili sauce!

A pinch of our Max Power coffee was added to the chili sauce, which is an invigorating and creamy, full-bodied, medium-roasted coffee. Premium quality 100% Robusta coffee blend from Guatemala and Mexico. Extra strong and intense with a nutty and chocolate aftertaste.

This little taste is also felt in the chili sauce, which adds an interesting and elusive flavor to your food. If you love gourmet stuff, you'll love this too, but it won't be the most important addition to your stew!

What we recommend for 

As it does not have a strong, character-flavored sauce or a light coffee taste, the harmony of the coffee taste and the whole sauce is more pronounced in more neutral-tasting foods. It can be, rice, pasta, natural meats, chicken breast, salads, vegetables, buns, etc.

Ingredients: vegetables, Habanero Chili, onion, garlic, extra coffee, brown sugar, molasses, spices, salt, citric acid, sodium benzoate

Net volume: 100 ml

Store in a refrigerator after opening!

It retains its quality until the date indicated on the label. ______________________________________________________

Habanero Description: The surface is smooth, not wrinkled, or ribbed like many stronger chilines. Its size is usually around 2.5-7 cm, its color depends on the variety.

SHU value: 100,000-350,000

SHU value: A unit of sharpness used to indicate the amount of capsaicin found in peppers. This value can be classified using the Scoville scale. An exact value cannot be said for any pepper because it is influenced by too many factors. Eg weather, land quality, origin of the peppers in question.

Taste: Tropical, fruity, sweet + Habanero has a unique interesting taste for us, which makes it one of our favorites. A showy pepper that works well in the kitchen as well.

Country of origin: South America

2,290 Ft