EXTRA COFFEE Chocolate - Coffee Belgian Dark Chocolate 100g


Hereby we favor the lovers of the more bitter flavors: we made Belgian dark chocolate into real coffee and fragrantly frowned, then with a chopped, roasted real cocoa beal! All this was turbo with extra dark chocolate coffee and broken Arabica coffee.

Manufactory, handmade premium chocolate.

Ingredients: Belgian chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), roasted chopped cocoa beans, roasted chopped coffee pieces, dark chocolate coffee, cocoa dry matter in dark chocolate min.60%. Allergenic ingredients: soy. Contains caffeine! You can contain traces of milk, eggs, other oils, fruits, and other nuts-hazelnuts.

Calculated average nutritional value in 100Gr product: Energy: 2171.5 KJ/ 519.2 kcal Fat 33.4 gr -What is the saturated fatty acids 19.9 gr Carbohydrate 41 gr - of which sugar is 36.6 gr Protein 11.3 gr Salt 0.1 gr

The price applies to one piece. 100g

2,900 Ft