EXTRA COFFEE - Coffee & Chili mania


Our strongest offer!

Be a gastro rogue too! If you are a real coffee and chili fan, this is your package!

Make your taste buds together and buy our Devil Kiss - chili coffee and our Chili Time coffee chili sauce to really spice up your culinary experience.

Devil Kiss:

We mixed spicy chili with our vintage Italian Espresso blend, and the end result is a coffee specialty with a perfectly harmonious aroma. The silky aftertaste of our 80% robust and 20% arabica coffee is sufficiently fooled by the spicy and spicy chili seasoning.

The taste and aroma of the chili becomes really noticeable during brewing, making the end result a perfect gourmet drink specialty.

Chili Time:

A pinch of our Max Power coffee was added to the chili sauce, which is an invigorating and creamy, full-bodied, medium-roasted coffee. Premium quality 100% Robust coffee blend from Guatemala and Mexico. Extra strong and intense with a nutty and chocolate aftertaste.

This little taste is also felt in the chili sauce, which gives your food an interesting and elusive taste. If you love gourmet stuff, you'll love that too, but it won't be the most important addition to your stew!

3,990 Ft