EXTRA COFFEE - Stout park beer selection

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The latest players in our beer selection, the coconut stout and the smoky porter, have arrived! Order the three-character brown beer in a package!

EXTRA COFFEE STOUT: The coffee beer. Co-production beer of the Extra Coffee x Félegyházi Brewery. It's already legendary beer! It is based on a highly cooked 7% Milkshake Stout. The added coffee is approx. It contains 70mg of caffeine, so it corresponds to the strength of an espresso coffee. Thanks to the roasted and roasted barley malt used, it basically carries most of the coffee and dark chocolate flavors. The lactose (milk sugar) used is responsible for making the sip feel rounder, creamier, and also gives the sweetness to the beer, counteracting the bitterness of the coffee. In addition, lactose "embeds" the characteristic flavor of coffee, highlighting and rounding it. The interesting thing about the coffee used is that due to the high proportion of Robusta it is markedly bitter and full-bodied, with walnut and chocolate flavors, so it forms a round unity with the creamy, slightly sweet beer.

COCONUT STOUT: It balances gently on the creamy, chocolate-coffee line of the stouts, and also carries the aromas of coconut. A strong 7% Milkshake Stout with coconut and lactose. The result is a soft, creamy, liquid dessert.

SMOKY PORTER: The smoky dark beer style of English and Irish pubs is the novelty that carries the perfect blend of smoke and malt. Cooked with peat smoked whiskey malt and beech wood smoked malt. It features coffee, dark chocolate and a definite smoky taste at the same time. Alcohol content: 5.4%.

2,450 Ft