SUGARFREE Extra Coffee Chocolate - Belgian Belgian Dark Chocolate 100g


Manufactory, handmade premium chocolate. We believe that everyone has the right to eat delicious chocolate, even if they have diabetes, they are diet, or just pay attention to daily sugar intake.

Extra Coffee Sugar -Free Chocolate is made of excellent Belgian chocolates and premium coffee so you never have to give up on quality chocolate!

Maltit is a natural sweetener produced from corn. It is slowly absorbed, so it only raises blood glucose levels slightly, which is a favorable glycemic index (GI 20-30), so it is ideal for sweetener-not only for diabetics. It spare teeth, does not cause tooth decay. It can have a higher amount of laxative!

Ingredients: Belgian sugar -free chocolate with sweetener (cocoa mass, sweetener: maltite, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), shredded cocoa beans, real coffee, salt. Cocoa dry matter content in chocolate min. 54%. Allergenic ingredients: soy. Contains caffeine! You can contain traces of milk, eggs, other oils, fruits, and other nuts-hazelnuts.

Calculated average nutritional value in 100Gr product: Energy: 2041 K/ 487.9 kcal Fat 36.9 gr -What is saturated fatty acids 22.1 gr Carbohydrate 44.3 gr - of which sugar is 0.11 gr Protein 5.6 gr Salt 0.01 gr

The price applies to one piece. 100g

2,990 Ft