How strong is EXTRA COFFEE?

The power of coffee depends on many things. From the type of coffee brewing to the amount of brewing time. Many people feel dark-roasted coffee is stronger, even though it usually contains less caffeine than a light-roasted coffee. We think the point is in the coffee beans. For our two coffee blends, we have selected the strongest varieties of Robusta coffee in the world, so it is twice as strong as the usual coffees.

How much caffeine does EXTRA COFFEE contain?

Our Max Power coffee has a caffeine content of over 3%, while Vintage Italian Espresso has a 2.72%.

Does EXTRA COFFEE contain added caffeine?

No. Only the original caffeine content of the coffee beans.

How is coffee roasted?

Both of our coffees are medium roasted.

How stronger is EXTRA COFFEE than other coffees?

The caffeine content of coffee is influenced not only by the type of coffee beans but also by the way they are made. Conventional espresso coffees usually contain about 1.5% caffeine, while EXTRA COFFE doubles. Arabica coffee has a caffeine content of 1.2-1.8%, while Robusta can contain twice as much caffeine, from nearly 2.4% to over 3%.

What kind of coffee beans is it made of?

Our Max Power coffee is made from 100% Guatemalan and Mexican Robusta coffee, Vintage Italian Espresso from 20% Brazilian Arabica, and 80% Vietnamese and Ugandan Robusta coffee.

How many cup of coffee can be made from a 250g package?

On average, we make one cup of espresso from 7 grams of coffee, which means that a 250-gram pack is enough for about 35 cup of coffee.

How finely ground is the coffee?

Our ground coffee is ground for espresso machines and for mocha pot.

How is the coffee packaged?

The quality of the coffee can be maintained for a long time by an excellent packaging. Our ground coffee is sold in a metal box, canned packaging. After roasting, the coffee is packaged under overpressure, excluding air, by adding nitrogen, which is the most advanced coffee packaging in the world.
Our coffee beans are sold in aroma-sealed packaging with valves. With the help of the valve, after roasting, the carbon dioxide can escape from the packaging, but no oxygen enters, and by pressing the package, we can smell the coffee.
Our capsule coffees are suitable for Nespresso compatible machines. We don't use aluminium caps.

How do I store coffee after opening?

When the package is unpacked, the oxidation of the coffee begins immediately, the volatiles disappear, and the coffee beans immediately begin to absorb moisture from their environment. For this reason, always keep the coffee in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight and away from oxygen. Do not store near the oven or in a part of the kitchen counter where it is exposed to constant sunlight. Try to seal the opened package airtight.

How much coffee should I use for a cup?

An average of 7 grams of coffee is used to make a normal dose of espresso coffee.

What is the difference between Max Power and Vintage Italian Espresso?

Our Max Power coffee is 100% Robusta, while Vintage Italian Espresso is 80% Robusta and 20% Arabica coffee blend.

Where is the coffee roasted?

The coffees are made in small batch coffee roaster manufactory of our Italian partner.

How much caffeine does the chewing gum contain?

Chewing gum contains 20mg of caffeine per dragee.

Is chewing gum sugar free?


What are the ingredients in chocolate?

Belgian coffee dark chocolate ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, coffee paste (coffee, aroma, vegetable fat - palm sunflower-rapeseed oil), emulsifier: soy lecithin), anhydrous milk fat, low fat cocoa powder, natural vanilla gelling agent, natural vanilla flavor, emulsifier , shellakk. Cocoa dry matter content min.45%. Contains milk, soy.
Chocolate coffee bean dragee ingredients: dipped in dark chocolate: Coffee bean 27%, dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin), sugar, natural vanilla aroma, polish: shellac. Cocoa dry matter content min. 53%. Contains: soy. It may contain traces of gluten, dairy products, walnut pistachios, eggs.