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Elemental strength, energy, freshness and EXTRA caffeine in every cup.

Smokier, stronger, rougher than you think!

Only for lovers of character flavors and fans of extra caffeine! 

EXTRA COFFEE is not just a coffee.

It's the Black Coffee!



EXTRA coffee specialties have arrived!


Try something else! You will love this! If you're a fan of coffee and chili, this is your drink! We mixed spicy chili with our vintage Italian Espresso blend, and the end result is a coffee specialty with a perfectly harmonious aroma. The silky aftertaste of our 80% robust and 20% arabica coffee is sufficiently fooled by the hot and spicy chili seasoning. The taste and aroma of the chili becomes really noticeable during brewing, making the end result a perfect gourmet drink specialty. A must for Chili fans! Ingredients: roasted ground coffee, ground chili peppers 125g

1,950 Ft

EXTRA COFFEE - Halloween Scream

No syrup, no sugar! Real pumpkin flavour coffee! Our Halloween Scream blend is a high caffeinated pumpkin coffee specialty. For our Max Power coffee, we mixed real dried, ground pumpkin, so we got a coffee specialty with a perfect harmony of taste. Our 100% robust coffee is chocolate, the nutty aftertaste is perfectly complemented by pumpkin. A real gourmet favorite for fall! It provides a perfect taste experience on its own and with milk. Attention! Our Halloween Scream coffee is a limited edition product, only available until November or while stocks last! Perfect as a gift! Knock it down now! Ingredients: roasted ground coffee, pumpkin powder (pumpkin, corn starch, glucose syrup, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin (E322), flavor, (milk and its derivatives, celery)) 125g

1,950 Ft

EXTRA COFFEE - CHILI TIME The coffee chili sause

This little special gem was born with the addition of coffee! A real gourmet treat, especially for someone who can't live without coffee and chili sauce! A pinch of our Max Power coffee was added to the chili sauce, which is an invigorating and creamy, full-bodied, medium-roasted coffee. Premium quality 100% Robusta coffee blend from Guatemala and Mexico. Extra strong and intense with a nutty and chocolate aftertaste. This little taste is also felt in the chili sauce, which adds an interesting and elusive flavor to your food. If you love gourmet stuff, you'll love this too, but it won't be the most important addition to your stew! What we recommend for  As it does not have a strong, character-flavored sauce or a light coffee taste, the harmony of the coffee taste and the whole sauce is more pronounced in more neutral-tasting foods. It can be, rice, pasta, natural meats, chicken breast, salads, vegetables, buns, etc. Ingredients : vegetables, Habanero Chili, onion, garlic, extra coffee, brown sugar, molasses, spices, salt, citric acid, sodium benzoate Net volume: 100 ml Store in a refrigerator after opening! It retains its quality until the date indicated on the label. ______________________________________________________ Habanero Description : The surface is smooth, not wrinkled, or ribbed like many stronger chilines. Its size is usually around 2.5-7 cm, its color depends on the variety. SHU value: 100,000-350,000 SHU value : A unit of sharpness used to indicate the amount of capsaicin found in peppers. This value can be classified using the Scoville scale. An exact value cannot be said for any pepper because it is influenced by too many factors. Eg weather, land quality, origin of the peppers in question. Taste : Tropical, fruity, sweet + Habanero has a unique interesting taste for us, which makes it one of our favorites. A showy pepper that works well in the kitchen as well. Country of origin : South America

2,290 Ft

EXTRA COFFEE STOUT - The coffee beer

Milkshake Stout beer using one of the strongest coffee blends available in Hungary. The beer is a coproduction by Félegyházi Sörműhely and Extra Coffee, and it is the result of many common intersections. Our beer is based on a heavily brewed 7% Milkshake Stout. The added coffee contains app. 70mg of caffeine per bottle, so it corresponds to the strength of an espresso coffee. Thanks to the roasted and roasted barley malt used, it basically carries most of the coffee and dark chocolate flavors. The lactose (milk sugar) used is responsible for making the sip feel rounder, creamier, as well as giving the beer sweetness, offsetting the bitterness of the coffee. In addition, lactose "embeds" the characteristic flavor of coffee, highlighting and rounding it. The interesting thing about the coffee used is that due to the high proportion of Robusta it is markedly bitter and full-bodied, with nutty, chocolate flavors, so it forms a round unity with the creamy, slightly sweet beer. We recommend it primarily for BBQ, Mexican food, beef delicacies, but also on its own, as a dessert, or with pistachios and salted hazelnuts! Consumption is recommended at 8-10C.

Starting at 1,190 Ft


The maximum power, the real energy bomb! If you want to spin up your brain teasers and get the most out of yourself, choose the strongest one and recharge it!  Our Max Power coffee is guaranteed to contain twice as much caffeine as a normal strength espresso coffee and nearly three times as much as a normal energy drink! Energising and creamy, full-bodied, medium-roasted coffee. Premium quality 100% robust coffee blend from Guatemala and Mexico. Extra strong and intense with a nutty and chocolate aftertaste. *(Nespresso compatible capsules)

Starting at 1,850 Ft

EXTRA COFFEE - Vintage Italian Espresso

The classic. The big old one in coffee. Extra strong espresso based on an original Italian recipe. With a golden and presistent cream on top. Medium-roasted full-bodied coffee blend from premium quality Brazilian arabica (20%) and robust (80%) from Vietnam and Uganda. If you need a rough caffeine boost either in the morning, after lunch, or at any time during the day, you don't have to wait any longer! Drink a Vintage Italian Espresso! Strong in taste, high in caffeine! *(Nespresso compatible capsules)

Starting at 1,850 Ft

    Coffee is more than a drink for us.

    It gives for centuries cruel and merciful energy for the human body, soul and mind by nature.

     Choose your favorite! If you taste it, you won't be the same again!