EXTRA COFFEE - Halloween Scream


No syrup, no sugar! Real pumpkin flavour coffee!

Our Halloween Scream blend is a high caffeinated pumpkin coffee specialty.

For our Max Power coffee, we mixed real dried, ground pumpkin, so we got a coffee specialty with a perfect harmony of taste. Our 100% robust coffee is chocolate, the nutty aftertaste is perfectly complemented by pumpkin.

A real gourmet favorite for fall! It provides a perfect taste experience on its own and with milk.

Attention! Our Halloween Scream coffee is a limited edition product, only available until November or while stocks last!

Perfect as a gift! Knock it down now!

Ingredients: roasted ground coffee, pumpkin powder (pumpkin, corn starch, glucose syrup, emulsifier, sunflower lecithin (E322), flavor, (milk and its derivatives, celery))


1,950 Ft