EXTRA COFFEE STOUT - The coffee beer


Milkshake Stout beer using one of the strongest coffee blends available in Hungary.

The beer is a coproduction by Félegyházi Sörműhely and Extra Coffee, and it is the result of many common intersections.

Our beer is based on a heavily brewed 7% Milkshake Stout. The added coffee contains app. 70mg of caffeine per bottle, so it corresponds to the strength of an espresso coffee. Thanks to the roasted and roasted barley malt used, it basically carries most of the coffee and dark chocolate flavors. The lactose (milk sugar) used is responsible for making the sip feel rounder, creamier, as well as giving the beer sweetness, offsetting the bitterness of the coffee. In addition, lactose "embeds" the characteristic flavor of coffee, highlighting and rounding it. The interesting thing about the coffee used is that due to the high proportion of Robusta it is markedly bitter and full-bodied, with nutty, chocolate flavors, so it forms a round unity with the creamy, slightly sweet beer.

We recommend it primarily for BBQ, Mexican food, beef delicacies, but also on its own, as a dessert, or with pistachios and salted hazelnuts!

Consumption is recommended at 8-10C.

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Starting at 1,190 Ft