MOCHACIAO coffee bitter


Wake up to the fascinating world of Mochaciao, where the flavours and aromas are brought to life by the magic of natural spices.

Our special 100% coffee bitters strike the perfect balance between the flavours of coffee and chocolate, delicately embraced by our spirit made from domestic wheat. Mochaciao is based on a medium-roasted premium blend of premium quality Brazilian Arabica, Vietnamese, Ugandan, Guatemalan and Mexican Robusta coffees to make every sip a new experience.

The alcohol here is not just a carrier, but a powerful tool that traps the aromas and flavours so you can enjoy them for a long time to come.

The 40.5% alcohol content provides a light and smooth drinkability that allows you to
enjoy every drop of the drink. All this is complemented by our premium coffee base, which is unique
quality and taste.

19,500 Ft